November 17, 2015

Why work with a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accredited tree care firm?

So how does a quality job from an industry accredited firm play into taking a dead tree down, it’s just a dead tree.  Good question, and you got a great price from that guy that left a flyer on your mailbox saying he was working in your neighborhood.  Now he is going to remove that huge pine overhanging your deck.  No worries at all-right-minus the beat up pick-up, sketchy equipment and of course he has all the proper personal protective equipment and insurance.  Why is accreditation so important?

Let’s break it down and demonstrate why working with a TCIA accredited firm is a great place to start no matter what type of tree care you need.  TCIA accredited firms are peer/professionally reviewed companies exhibiting the highest industry standards.  Obtaining TCIA accreditation takes time, energy and a commitment to being the best in the industry.  Here are some of the requirements necessary to obtain accreditation.

  • 63 point checklist for implementation to ensure industry/TCIA compliance
  • Review of customer/peer complaints
  • On-site audit of company, it’s standards, safety practices, equipment, personnel
  • Up to date Insurance for Workman compensation, General Liability with aggregate limits consistent with industry standards, vehicle insurance
  • Reviews of company safety history and policies to ensure worker and client safety
  • Comprehensive review of safe/current tree care practices
  • Here is a link to TCIA accreditation

Having an accredited handle your tree project allows you peace of mind when it comes to knowing that you began with a company that demonstrates the necessary skills to safely handle your project.  Downey Trees, Inc. became accredited in 2007 to better serve our clients and insure that we were doing all we can to serve our clientele in the safest most efficient way possible.  So, next time you begin your search for a tree care company to remove that big oak tree, start with an accredited company.  It is a good bet you are on the right track to getting the job done safely, on time and at a good value.

November 17, 2015