“Property Reclamation” is the focus of Downey’s Vegetation Management Team. From field mowing to thinning of dense tree plantings to complete clearing, we have the human talent and equipment to get the job completed efficiently and effectively.

Bushhog Work

We have several machines, ranging from 4′ up to 15′ bushhogs , to handle any size property or terrain. Our tractors are equipped with cabs to allow for long productive days to quickly complete any task.


The Ventrac is ideal for mowing steeper slopes, wet areas, and retention ponds: basic all-terrain mowing.

Forestry Mower

The Forestry Mower provides efficient management and thinning of wooded areas and tracts with heavy infestations on unwanted or invasive trees and shrubs.

Kudzu Sprays

Dealing with ground cover that can grow as much as one foot per day, requires experience and knowledge. Our experts have specially outfitted trucks, with dedicated tanks to spray industry-approved herbicides that quickly handle your kudzu problems. In most cases, we suggest to committing to a multi-year program to properly control this aggressive plant.

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