“As a designer I approach every landscape with the goal of adding beauty, sustainability and value to each site. Tree Health care is an integral part of my design process. The landscapes I create are dependent on the success of the surrounding trees. Downey Trees has been NatureScapes service provider for tree health care for over a decade. Their thorough and thoughtful process to tree health care is invaluable. Practicing environmental sustainability has never been more important than now. Protecting and caring for trees is a great place to start, and Downey Trees is who you should call.”

Jonathan Williams
Emory University Certified Landscape Designer

“I served as a golf course superintendent for over 20 years in the Atlanta area and whenever I needed help with routine tree and limb removal or clean up from a storm, I counted on Downey Trees to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Their professional staff knows how to work on a golf course and they always took care not to cause any collateral turf damage with the large trucks and chippers that are required to do this type of work.  Downey Trees was my tree company of choice and I recommend them to tackle any tree project you might have, no matter how large or small.”

Mike Crawford
Competitions Agronomist, PGA Tour

“Last March of this year a windstorm occurred here in Georgia. I can truly say for those people who haven’t had this happen to them, I hope it never does! That being said, I experienced the trauma of being in the home when it happened which was awful enough. But several days later following the storm I was on the phone calling numerous tree removal companies, all of whom wanted cash payment upon delivery of service. I was having to deal with being displaced from home, along with trying to figure out how to get this huge tree off of the house! Needless to say my reason for writing this is to let everyone know who may need a professional tree company. Downey Trees is who you want! Look no further! They arrived at my home with all necessary clean equipment, a whole crew of experienced, licensed, certified and professional staff. They worked from morning until dawn and didn’t stop until the job was complete! All of my neighbors, and local post man were stopping and asking Jamie for his business card, he was the Arborist supervising this job. When people have to go through big life altering situations such as this, they need this type of professionalism to make everything start to feel alright again. Thank you Downey Trees for hiring such good people who took such good care of me!”

Candice Thompson

The Tree Climbing team from Downey Trees took the “Ax” at the Georgia Tree Climbing competition held by the Georgia Arborist Association in Columbus, Georgia in the Spring of 2016.  The team, from left to right, included Zach, JY, Sunshine, Rusty, Dennis, and Josie.

In December of 2016, Downey Trees, Inc. was recognized by the Georgia Arborist Association as the “Company of the Year” for best support of the endeavors of the Georgia Arborist Association in promoting professionalism and safety in the Tree Care Industry in the state.  This is the second consecutive year that this award was presented to Downey Trees.

“I wanted to express my gratitude after seeing in person the fallen tree removal work and debris clean up that your crew did on Tuesday.  Most impressive is absolutely the very least we can say about the quality of that work and the condition of the property overall as a result (deck railing, patio, all plants and shrubs, path).

We do realize there was no easy way, whatsoever, to approach and accomplish that huge job.  The very special care and efforts, every step of the way in this process, are truly exceptional.  I was afraid we would lose our delicate red canas (the tropical looking plants by the covered patio) but not at all.  Unbelievable! Thank you so much as well for the clean up of the tree in the middle of the azaleas.  Great job!!  We really appreciate it! I had not expected the crew to take pictures of the finished job.  It was incredibly thoughtful to have those forwarded to us, since we were unfortunately unable to be there. Going above and beyond is what you and your crews do!  We can’t express our gratitude enough.”

Valerie Polevoy

“Rick, I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and Downey Trees for getting the downed tree limb in our Sports Park taken care of in time for our Music in the Park last Saturday night. Last week was a challenging week with the hurricane cleanup, and our neighborhood greatly appreciates you getting the downed limb removed so the kids wouldn’t get hurt playing on or around it during our Music in the Park. Kind regards,”

Robin H.

“Shortly after the tropical winds of Irma passed through the Atlanta area, I noticed that our beautiful Chinese Elm lost a large limb and was leaning so much it was about to come down on my neighbor’s house. The first line of action for many so-called tree service companies was to cut it down. Downey took a far different approach and developed a detailed plan to save our tree. Rick Barnes was a true professional throughout the entire process, describing each step Downey Trees would take to save our tree. At a time when so many tree service companies just took the quick cash and cut tress down, Downey did what was right for the customer and the environment and looked to save as many trees as possible. That is a sign of a true leader and the reason why Downey Trees has been in business for over 30 years and remains one of the most respected companies in the their industry.”

Tom M. – Johns Creek, Georgia

“Dear Mr. Bagley,

Yesterday, we had three trees removed from our property and major limbs trimmed on other trees. Zach Parker, Chano and his crew have impressed us from start to finish of our project. They are extremely professional, all very courteous, do amazing, precise and smooth work. They make it look much easier than it actually is, especially dealing with these heights! We greatly appreciated the care they showed for our surrounding plants, house and pathways, and were also very impressed with the thorough cleanup of debris all around.

Thank you Downey Trees for your excellence! We’ll be happy to refer you to anyone who needs your services.”

Valerie & David Polevoy

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