November 9, 2015

With all this rain, are my trees safe?

Rain soaked soils have some homeowners asking the question, are my trees safe?  It’s a fair question for sure and according to NOAA National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office Atlanta’s rainfall amounts were 5.77 inches in August which is a 5 year high, 3.93 inches in September and 2.55 inches in October.  This coupled with what seems to be a never ending rain in early November has soils saturated and potentially hazardous situations for trees.

Wet saturated soils can lead to unsafe platforms for your trees.  Mild winds along with wet heavy leaf canopy provides optimum conditions for those trees in weakened or stressful conditions to come falling down.  Keep in mind that trees that appear healthy can be unstable when it comes to their roots.  As with most unsafe situations it is not just one item or thing that creates an unsafe situation it is a culmination of several factors.  So are you sure your trees are safe consider the following.

  1. Recent heavy rains in my area
  2. Restricted or damaged tree roots
  3. Heavy leaf canopy
  4. Dieback of the tree canopy or cavaties in the trunk

Typically one of these conditions by itself does not cause the tree to fail but in combination it creates the ingredients for a hazardous situation and potentially serious outcome. So, if you are unsure of your trees health let one of Downey Trees, Inc. Certified Arborists take and look and provide you some reassurance and make the needed recommendations for your safety and tree health.

November 9, 2015