Downey Trees provides a cost-effective and logical approach to preserving and improving the health and growing environment of trees. Tree and plant health care is not only for mature trees on your property. Trees in the prime years of their life cycle often respond best to a plant health care regimen.

Using the latest application methods, equipment and materials, our tree and plant health services are supervised by certified arborists and horticulturists who recognize and appreciate the differences in each tree. Their expertise along with our Georgia Landscape Professional Accreditation allows us to prescribe a customized combination of services to achieve the best results with minimum disturbance to your property.

Resistograph and Risk Analysis

tests and evaluates the structural integrity of a tree. If there is a question about the stability of a tree, the results of this test will determine if it is cost-effective to provide additional treatments.

Organic Compounds and Low-Analysis Fertilizers

are specific formulations injected into the soil in the critical root zones of trees to improve the living soil web, provide the best possible growing conditions for the root system and add plant nutrients for slow, sustained growth. These formulations can be customized to be strictly organic if preferred.

Soil Decompaction (Compressed Air Fracturing)

is a physical treatment for compacted soil where compressed air is injected to break open pore space. Open spaces in the soil are critical for aeration, water penetration, root growth and sustenance essential soil microorganisms. The tool we use for soil fracturing is the only one of its kind in the state of Georgia.

Integrated Pest Management

is a program including monthly or bi-monthly visits to your property to target issues as they arise throughout the season.This method limits the amount of pesticide and fungicide applied to your property, targets the plants being affected and aids in insect control. 

Root Collar Excavations

may be recommended if your tree is not planted at the proper depth. Ensuring the correct depth is essential for tree health. Trees that are planted too deeply or have a buildup of mulch around the trunk may benefit from exposure of the root flare at the correct soil line. This task maybe accompanied by soil replacement or addition of drainage material if conditions warrant.

Root Pruning

helps repair damaged roots. If roots are disturbed on construction sites, proper pruning of cut roots allows for faster sealing of the vascular and growth tissue, which minimizes the possibility of disease.

Consulting & Expert Witness Services

utilizes the latest research and diagnostic equipment to provide services for the general public, homeowners associations, commercial companies, municipalities and property managers. Services include: tree appraisals,tree inventories, tree conservation, construction management and risk analysis.

Other services include:

fertilization, mycorrhizal applications, insect and fungal control, growth regulation, microinjections, soil aeration, de-compaction, soil replacement programs and radial trenching.

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