February 3, 2017

Like the Falcon’s it’s all about the preparation and execution…

Reflecting on similarities between our two organizations the Atlanta Falcons and Downey Trees, Inc. after looking back at the season-aka-2016.  While Downey Trees is done with its season, the Atlanta Falcons have a bit more work to do to finish their year.  Downey Trees is not a professional football team but we are a professional Tree Care Team and are measured daily by our clients and friends on what kind of season we are having.  Not by the sale of seats for home games or memorabillia but by having the opportunity to work on our clients properties and their friends properties year after year.  That’s Downey Trees season ticket holder.

Like the Falcons we have a great coach in Paul Bagley-President and owner who has led this organization from it’s infancy to today stature.  Having a great coach means he has created a brotherhood similar to that of the Falcons, where teamwork and relying on each other to do our job is critical to the mission.  While we don’t have practice, we do have game day every day.  The Falcons practice during the season daily, whether in planning strategies for their next opponent or getting their players healthy for the game or making sure the coach knows the right play to call for the game day situations. Preparation is key to winning and Downey Trees deals with similar challenges day in and day out with no off season-but knowing its all about preparation and execution.

Like the Falcons our guys are professional athletes in their own right-they can’t run a 4.2 second 40 yard dash but they can hoist themselves up an 80’ tree to prune and if you don’t think that is a professional athlete that takes a great amount of fitness then give it a try sometime.

Downey Trees runs the tree business like a professional football team with Crew Leaders who run their team every day executing the desires of our clients according to the playbook.  We have Operations Managers who schedule staff, support crews, and train to ensure we meet our goals of providing the absolute best tree care in the Nation-period.  Does the plan go off without a hitch-I can not remember a day when there was not something new or challenging not in the playbook that tried to throw us off course, but no matter what we faced our team bounced back and handled the pressure.  Good execution comes from preparation and we are diligent in making sure we are prepared to execute to the level our clients, customers and teammates expect.

Like the Falcons we plan on winning every game we play-does it work out that way?-not always, but we plan for winning-and in 2016 we won-

Defining winning for a football team is easy-undefeated season or winning the big game at the end of the year-taking home the trophy-maybe winning the Super Bowl.  Like the Falcons winning the Super Bowl will come down to game day execution.  They expect to win, they plan to win and they play to win-and when the play clock shows no more time and the scoreboard shows Atlanta Falcons as winners then let the celebrations begin because of execution.  Like the Falcons our play clock ran down to zero in 2016 and the game was over-did we win-you bet and in many categories but the only one that matters to us is that you, our clients, come back in 2017 to work with us again because we do our best in preparation and execution to make your year a winner.

Here is to a Falcons win on Sunday and another successful year of satisfying our clients in 2017.


February 3, 2017