From the Redwood Forest

It seems as though no sooner than Memorial Day becomes a fading memory, the 4th of July rolls around to provide an opportunity for the celebration of our independence. No complaints here of another holiday- only a bit of dismay at the rapid passage of time. Several thoughts come to […]

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A Memorial Day Tribute

As the European countryside was becoming scarred with trenches and pocked with artillery shells and the other devices of tortuous death that defined World War I, a different kind of devastation was taking place 4000 miles away. In the eastern forests of the US, timber companies were cutting roads deep […]

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Thoughts from the New Guy & a Most Unusual Funeral

Training at Downey Trees, Inc., takes place every Friday morning at 6:30 AM. Sometimes, specialized training is provided in groups of associates with similar positions or qualifications. Training may also be provided to the company as a whole. However the venues are set up, the training is always interesting and […]

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Some Thoughts on Earth Day and Arbor Day, 2016

This Earth Day, April 22, 2016, I found myself speaking to 2 groups of Middle School Students at Summerhour Middle School near the Norcross Office of Downey Trees, Inc, Inc. The tTeachers, parents and students of the school have put together an impressive outdoor learning facility in which they are […]

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Zika virus and detention ponds…

Zika virus is the talk of every major news outlet and most recently the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta issued a travel advisory regarding the virus and travel to South America.  The common method for the Zika virus spreading is by the State bird of Georgia, the mosquito.  Yes, we know […]

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With all this rain, are my trees safe?

Rain soaked soils have some homeowners asking the question, are my trees safe?  It’s a fair question for sure and according to NOAA National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office Atlanta’s rainfall amounts were 5.77 inches in August which is a 5 year high, 3.93 inches in September and 2.55 inches in […]

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